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Casino Matched Betting FAQ

What Size Bankroll Do I Need To Start?

I’d say you can start with as little as £500 doing no to low-risk casino offers. You may struggle a bit with cashflow issues. I’d recommend using Paypal as it’s faster than card.

However, I’d recommend starting with a £2000 bankroll this will alleviate any cashflow problems and allow you to hit medium risk offers and some of the especially good high risk offers.

Sidenote: Seperating your normal account and Matched betting account may be a good idea.


How Much Can I make?

I get asked this all the time and honestly, it’s really hard to answer because it depends on so many different factors like how much time you have, your experience, how savvy you are, how resistant you are to gambling (seriously don’t even bother if you have had a history of gambling issues).

That being said you can easily make £500 just grabbing some low hanging fruit, not doing much at all and I’d say upwards of 2-3k per month if you really know what you’re doing and are willing to commit some time to it (although not an excessive amount).


How Much Do You Make?

Again it varies but I’d say around £2000 per month check out my income report for a month or so ago. This was quite a good month for me!


Where Do I Find Casino Offers?

Personally, I use three resources all of which have served me well and have returned a huge amount more than their costs.

OddsMonkey – the Standard resource for pretty much every matched better out there, once you’ve got it check out the “Recurring spins thread” should get you started up and going with some very nice casino offers. Recommended for beginners.

Profit Maximiser – Recommend for more advanced users, has tons of high-risk stuff and a great daily calendar, make sure you get on the forum too. Takes casino to the next level and a lot of valuable information to be learned there.

Your Matched Betting E-Mail inbox – There are tons of invite-only offers, so get signed up to a load of casinos and just let them roll in.


What Spin Size, Hand Size Should I use?

Ahh, the hotly debated question. Luckily I’ve run it through the dream machine (The most sophisticated computer known to man) and it has spat out the definitive answer.

This method is known as two-tier wagering!

For any situation with a large wagering requirement remaining – a decent amount above 5x use around 1/30th to 1/20th of the total bonus this is TIER 1 of wagering.

If you hit a big win in tier one and it reduces your wagering requirement ) to anything less than 5x the bonus amount use minimum spin size (do wagering requirement divided by bonus amount to calculate This is TIER 2 of wagering.

If the original bonus has less than 5x wagering requirement skip straight to TIER 2.

The reason for this is kinda mathsy (Contact “drinker of frosties” in discord for more information) but you don’t need to understand it you can just follow the above advice and print £££.

if you cba with varying your spin size you can just do £1 spins and if you win a bunch drop to the minimum to complete wagering!

What Program Do I Use To Calculate The EV of an Offer?

Use BonusChum

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