Irish Lottery

Irish Lottery

If you’re heading across to Ireland, then there’s a good chance you’re most likely going to be inhaling Guinness and taking in the beautiful sites. However, you might just nip in to a wee local shop and fancy throwing on a lottery ticket as you pay for your packet of chewing gum. The main Irish lottery is drawn every Wednesday and Saturday and tickets can be purchased through stores and lottery outlets throughout Ireland. With the Irish lottery, users select any 6 numbers between 1 and 47 and the jackpot is won by matching 6 out of 6 balls on the draw. Seven balls are drawn in total (6 regular balls followed by the bonus ball). There is also the option to purchase a lucky dip where a random selection of 6 numbers will be issued to the player.

The odds of winning the Irish lottery are as follows:

Jackpot (Match 6)                            1 in 10,737,573

Match 5 + the bonus ball               1 in 1,789,596

Match 5                                               1 in 44,740

Match 4 + the bonus ball               1 in 17,896

Match 4                                                1 in 918

Match 3 + the bonus ball               1 in 688

Match 3                                                1 in 54

Match 2 + the bonus ball               1 in 72

Can’t bare to leave your own country unless it’s for an all-inclusive week in Tenerife but still fancy a punt on the Irish lottery? You’re in luck as it is also played through bookies within the UK with slightly different rules. Instead of selecting 6 numbers, the player has the option to pick 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, however a prize will only be won if that exact number of balls match. For example, if the player selects 3 balls, let’s say number 12, 18 and 48, and numbers 18 and 48 come up in the draw, then no prize is claimable. The player also has the option to select if the bonus ball is considered in their selections, giving them a greater chance of winning but at the same time lowering the returns. The returns in the bookies vary but are generally as follows:


Without Bonus Ball                          With Bonus Ball

Pick 1 Match 1                   £6 per £1 staked                               £5 per £1 staked

Pick 2 Match 2                   £60 per £1 staked                            £40 per £1 staked

Pick 3 Match 3                   £650 per £1 staked                          £350 per £1 staked

Pick 4 Match 4                   £7,500 per £1 staked                      £4,000 per £1 staked

Pick 5 Match 5                   £125,000 per £1 staked                 £40,000 per £1 staked

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